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Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tony believes that everyone deserves someone in their life whom they can trust. Everyone deserves to be heard, and to have someone in their life that is actually listening. Tony’s goal is to be that person for his clients. Through a therapeutic relationship grounded in empathy and genuineness, Tony provides his clients the power to tackle the issues most concerning to them, including anxiety, depression, family concerns, grief, trauma, and anger management. Tony hopes to expose his clients to the value of self-worth, the importance of nurturing one’s self-worth, and ultimately crafting a more optimistic version of themselves and the future.

Professional Experience

Tony is a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with clients since 2015. He works primarily with children, adolescents, young adults, and families to develop skills and strategies for confronting issues such as trauma, panic-attacks, suicidal ideations, depression, grief, and anger management. Tony fosters empathetic and genuine counseling relationships with his clients to provide a safe place for openly expressing thoughts and feelings and to help develop personal insights. Tony uses strategies and techniques from cognitive-behavioral theory, solution-focused counseling theory, existential therapy, and mindfulness to engage clients, provide insight, and implement skills and techniques.

Tony chose to work out of Be Embodied because he appreciates the client-centered philosophy of the organization. Be Embodied offers the support for counselors to prioritize the needs of the client, as well as offering a diverse array of methods to help meet each client’s specified goals.

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