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Mindfulness is all over the media and has become an extremely popular buzzword for both yogis and the general population. I started practicing mindfulness a few years ago as a cognitive behavioral therapy method and I had no idea that I would be making a complete lifestyle change. Mindfulness isn’t just a method for therapy -it’s truly a way of life. It offers a very liberating perspective to carry with you every day. Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, nonjudgmentally. This seems simple, but training my mind in this way has allowed me to begin to see things how they really are, and perceive the exquisite vividness of each moment. Developing this clarity has allowed me to gain access to my own inner resources for insight, self-development, spiritual transformation and healing. I discovered so much about myself and made realizations that otherwise would not have been possible. I was able to take back the power of my thoughts, emotions, and behavior. I became happier, my relationships became stronger, and my quality of life changed in a way I never knew was possible. Practicing yoga strengthened my mind-body connection, made me physically stronger and aligned. I was transformed from a very anxious, self-sabotaging, suffering graduate student to a more liberated, balanced, and authentic self. Most importantly, I found a home within myself. It takes a special person to teach mindfulness techniques- someone that truly embodies the practice. Be Embodied, LLC truly exemplifies what it means to be a mindfulness practitioner. Their passion and commitment to their clients in both yoga and mindfulness coaching has changed many lives and will continue to make Western New York a better place.

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